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The trucks stand at the ready in our station- always ready for the call. But ready for whom?? Our volunteers. And we need more! Our job has been one of the backbones of the United States since its beginning. Still today, over 80% of the nation’s fire protection comes from volunteers- people just like you and me who know the importance of simply helping our neighbors. It goes a lot further than red lights and sirens. Conditions may be hazardous and downright dangerous: entering burning structures, handling hazardous materials, braving flood waters or severe weather conditions, placing yourself into the middle of freeway traffic in the middle of the night, stepping into situations of crisis in people’s lives. Conditions will be demanding: Spending hours without sleep, sometimes missing family events and even holidays, taking time training and working on equipment, jumping to respond on a moment’s notice- only you don’t get to choose the moment. Pay: non existent. Oh, there is a stipend for each run you take, your income of several hundred dollars for an active year might just cover the costs of personal equipment you purchase. Rewards: as the saying goes, ‘Priceless” You should be a resident of the township, or live close enough to respond in a timely manner to emergency calls. You should be over 18 and have a driver’s license. You should have time available to train and respond on emergency calls. Experience in the fire service is certainly helpful, but not required. We’ll train you to achieve the proper certifications. Turnout gear and other required items are furnished ... personal equipment such as vehicular accessories is not. You should be healthy- this is a physically demanding job. You will be trained in firefighting, hazardous materials recognition, first-responder emergency medical assistance, and procedures. Please consider whether you’d like to join this noble endeavor! As you’ll find out, you’ll become a member of a family full of tradition, a family which provides a tight-knit brotherhood across the globe. We meet on the second and fourth Wednesday evenings at the station- feel free to stop by. Or, contact Chief Randy Butts and express your interest.